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Singapore Diagnostics is among the Philippines' largest laboratories handling 200,000 tests per month.

It is part of a group of regional laboratories operating in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. The group handles up to 3 million tests monthly. This allows the group to benefit from scale economies, bringing down costs in the markets they operate.

Since 2013, Singapore Diagnostics has developed an extensive logistical and customer network: currently serving 400 hospital and clinic laboratory sites in Metro Manila, from Tarlac in north, Rizal in the east and the Tagaytay-Calamba corridor in the South, with a logistics system handling over 15,000 pick-ups every month from its partner laboratories.

It is the only laboratory in the Philippines fully enrolled under the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA). The laboratory is also enrolling under the Collage of American Pathologists (CAP) making it the first in the Philippines to do so. These credentials make the laboratory comparable to the best laboratories in the world.


Singapore Diagnostics aims to be the most reputable and reliable diagnostic laboratory in the country, making world-class medical testing accessible to everyone.


  • To ensure only the highest level of diagnostic testing through the use of state-of-the-art equipment, uncompromising training of the staff, and strict adherence to international quality standards.
  • To make world-class diagnostic testing available to everyone through far-reaching logistical support and affordable prices.
  • To be at the forefront of innovation in our industry by always seeking out the latest technology and medical science and exploring its applications in clinical settings.
  • To best complement the efforts of medical professionals by ensuring unwavering integrity of results and responsive, personalized delivery of services.

1. State-of-the-Art Equipment
Tests are run on the latest, top-of-the-line analyzers from only the most reliable, multinational diagnostics companies. They constantly undergo extensive quality control, calibrations, and preventive maintenance to ensure that they are running at top performance.

2. Medically-Managed Practice
Our lab is run by doctors, for doctors. Since we have several medical doctors in our top management, we always strive to anticipate the needs of clinicians and equip them with the information they need to best complement their medical management. We are also constantly monitoring developments in evidence-based medicine and update our diagnostic testing to support them.

3. Continuous Improvement
Our multidisciplinary Management team of doctors, scientists, and other professionals is constantly monitoring, reviewing, and working to improve our processes and services. We are sensitive to patient feedback and requests, and shifts in the demands and trends of the industry to make sure we are always maximizing value for our patients and clients.

4. Lab of Tomorrow
Through our partner laboratories in Singapore and Malaysia, we are constantly looking out for, evaluating, and making available the latest in diagnostic testing. It is part of our commitment to innovate and revolutionize the local laboratory industry, and make available in the Philippines the best the world has to offer.

5. Cloud-Based LIS
All specimens are barcoded, and results sent from the analyzers directly into our Lab Information System in the Cloud. There is no manual copying or typing of results. Reports can be programmed to be e-mailed to you and your doctor, or are available for online lookup any time. This ensures that reports become available as soon as they are done and will always be accessible whenever and wherever they are needed.

6. Quality Assurance
Our lab is enrolled in the Quality Assurance Program (QAP) of the prestigious Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA) to benchmark our performance against leading laboratories all over the world.

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