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1 Detoxify

Drink 10-12 glasses of water. Detoxification is needed because several months of preparation increased your stress levels. Refrain from drinking carbonated and sugar-filled drinks because the increase in the blood sugar level results the release of insulin from the pancreas, which would result in sudden decrease of the blood sugar levels. This sudden diminishing of the levels makes you feel sleepy and tired.

2 Prepare the essentials

Don't cram. The worst thing that could happen is not be able to take the exam because of incomplete board exam materials. Also, try to visit the examination location/ school / room assignment to avoid delay.

What to Bring on Examination Day

  • Notice of Admission
  • Application Stub
  • PRC Official Receipt
  • Two or more pencils (No. 2)
  • Ballpens with BLACK INK ONLY
  • One (1) piece Metered-Stamp Window Envelope
  • One (1) piece Long Brown Envelope
  • One (1) piece Long Transparent (non -colored) Plastic Envelope (to keep above items)
  • Scientific calculator (if required)

What to Wear on Examination Day

  • MALE - school uniform/white polo shirt or T-shirt (tucked-in)
  • FEMALE – school uniform/white blouse or T-shirt

3 Relax and Pray

For several months, you've covered the review materials and had listened to countless lectures. Trust that you can do it and and God has plans for you. No matter what happens, He is in control.

Avoid mental block during the day of exam, sleep early and in case you feel anxious, don't forget to bring your trusted gum. Research suggests chomping on a piece of chewing gum may help reduce anxiety and even improve mood.

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